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VIDEO: Get Active and Immersed into French Lifestyle on an Emerald Rhone River Cruise


It’s a balancing act – French style! Indulgence meets outdoor activity in the south of France on our Emerald river cruise on the Rhone and the Saone. The south of France has a legendary way of life, and a river... Read more

Save During Wave! All the Reasons to Book Your Next Cruise During 'Wave Season'

 It couldn’t come at a better time. The thrills of the holidays have passed, and cold weather, cabin fever, and the doldrums of winter are descending. Everyone needs something to look forward to. Welcome, Wave Season! It’s the catchy name for... Read more

Best Souvenirs from an Emerald Cruise on France's Rhone River

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A river cruise on the Rhone allows you to indulge in French cuisine, culture, scenery and lifestyle – and you’re going to want to take the best of the best of the region home! Our river cruise on the Emerald... Read more

VIDEO: The Best Christmas Markets on a Viking Rhine River Cruise


A Christmas market river cruise in Europe may be the very best way to capture the magic of the season. Our Viking Christmas on the Rhine river cruise from Switzerland to the Netherlands took us to four countries, each with... Read more

"Hoppy" News: UNESCO Lists Czech Hops Landscape as World Heritage Site

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The Czech Republic is already a bucket-list destination for beer lovers, with a beer culture dating back to the 10th century, and continuing today, with renowned brewing traditions and iconic beer styles.  Pilsner Urquell, the world's first pilsner lager, was born... Read more

Highlights of an Emerald Cruise on Asia's Mekong River

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One of the world’s longest rivers, flowing through six Asian countries, makes for an exotic Emerald river cruise to remember – and one that will let you strike a few items off your travel bucket list!  The Mekong River is a... Read more

VIDEO: Meet the Moselle River on an Avalon Active & Discovery Cruise


The Moselle is one of the rivers less-traveled in Europe, and that’s just the beginning of the magical appeal of an itinerary that sails from Luxembourg, then the Rhine and Main into Germany. Three waterways with two wine regions, a... Read more

Two New Ships for Uniworld Boutique River Cruises Beginning 2024


Fans of ultra-luxury, all-inclusive boutique European river cruising have two reasons to celebrate. Uniworld has announced the addition of two ships to its fleet. Following the line’s tradition of naming ships after European queens, empresses and other royalty, the new... Read more

Christmas Markets, NYE, Ice World and Gala Balls: Why Visit Vienna in the Winter


Don’t wait til spring or summer to visit Austria’s capital. Some of its most unique experiences take place during the frosty months, where one-of-a-kind local events warm your heart and reveal a side of Vienna you can’t see any other... Read more

The Best Way to Experience the Most Romantic River in Europe


It is extraordinarily charming to cruise any of the rivers of Europe, but they call it “The Romantic Rhine” for a reason – at least three reasons! And on my most recent sailing on the Rhine on a Viking river... Read more